4 comments on “No more sunsets…or Mars bars

  1. good post Simon – unfortunately this is what’s wrong with photography these days – it’s all about colorful sunsets/sunrises.

    One thing that really annoys me is photographers saying they had to find a stronger composition because the light wasn’t good, or it wasn’t a colorful sunset. We should be focusing on achieving the perfect composition all the time irregardless of the light – light is the cherry on top.

  2. Hi Simon,

    I came here after seeing your latest image on Flickr (the misty quarry… it’s fantastic). I couldn’t agree more with these words and hope you have taken your own advice to heart since writing this piece :)

    The last and (especially) the first image in this blog are really something special… seriously good!

    All light is ‘good light’ in my opinion. An interesting subject in strong morning light might not be the case on a cloudy day… but those cloudy days bring their own subject matter to the fore, that perhaps wouldn’t work in the golden hour.

    Any road, impressive work on show here… Well done!


  3. simonbyrnephoto@gmail.com on Dec 21, 2015 5:38 pm | Reply

    Thanks Andy, much appreciated.

    I still go out every now and again and shoot the sunrise/sunset obvious shots just because it’s an enjoyable experience, but now I have gigabytes of images to process that are little more than interesting arrangements of trees, some in great light, some in fog, some flat. It’ll be a continued focus for me for the foreseeable future I think!

    The photos I tend to like looking at are not the kind I used to take until recently. Now I’m starting to get more of my own shots that I actually like, whether the internet does or doesn’t.

  4. ^^Agree with that, unless you have scored a perfect sunset at the perfect setting, the internet isn’t bothered.

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