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  1. Hi Simon, just to say have enjoyed reading your blog. Agree with all your comments here. Interesting hearing your thoughts on the printing of the book, I was gutted at how dark they printed my image. I think they go for more contrast to heighten the drama, but for subtle images it destroys them. 3 years on and the competition still has the same problem with ‘rogue’ images, most notably the 2 surfers shot. Like you say, certainly not landscape. Anyway, all the best. Good luck with OPOTY, that’s what led me here! Craig

    • simonbyrnephoto@gmail.com on Nov 15, 2015 1:56 am | Reply

      Hi Craig,

      A few years on since I wrote that original post! I can’t say much has changed for LPOTY though. Some of the prints in the book are still far too dark. It’s actually ruined a good few images in my opinion. I remember your shot well though as I am slightly obsessed with trees, particularly beeches.

      I’m just not sure I understand the competition any more to be honest. The winning images from the last two years have left me flat. Both winners are truly excellent photographers, but there are at least 20 photos from each of their portfolios I would choose over the winning images. Perhaps that’s why I don’t get invited to judge…

      I normally find there is a 60:40 ratio of shots in the book that I like vs. don’t. This year that was no different, but I actually thought the standard of the 60% I liked was exceptional. Higher than previous years. At the same time the 40% I didn’t really find appealing were even less so than other years. Maybe it’s just sour grapes. I’d agree that this year there were several “rogue” images as you put it too. Baffling.

      Best of luck for OPOTY! I don’t think I’m in with a chance having looked at the shortlist.

      • I too find it truly baffling that the judges can pass over some truly stunning work from the likes of Finn Hopson and John Finney (to name a couple that immediately spring to mind) in favour of some of those final choices. All I can think is they’re choosing images with a broad, commercial appeal, rather than truly outstanding work that they believe wouldn’t appeal to the general public. I just don’t know. This isn’t true in every case of course, as there is still some great work in there, but I have to say, having been through the whole book, I decided not to buy as I just didn’t think overall it was as strong as previous years. Might be sour grapes of course!

        Anyway, can’t be too long now until they announce the book entries for OPOTY. Having seen the category winner for Light on the Land I think any one of the shortlisted entries has a chance of making it in!

        All the best, Craig

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