4 comments on “Lofoten Islands report

  1. Hi Simon, great to meet you on the recent trip to Lofoten with Tony, fantastic trip report – esp like your top tips, number 4!!! will remember that night very well.
    Hope you’ve managed to get out with the camera since getting back, probably catch up with you again in the future, looking forward to seeing the pictures of the storm chasing when you go in the summer!
    All the best
    Carla :)

    • simonbyrnephoto@gmail.com on Mar 14, 2014 7:04 am | Reply

      Hi Carla,

      was good to meet you too. No camera time since getting back unfortunately, and not really even any time to process photos. I think I’ll have to wait a few more weeks. If I’m down in Cornwall this summer I’ll pop in for a snack!

      Hope you got some photos you’re happy with.


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